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Face Everything And Rise

According to research one of the biggest challenges in emerging and seasoned leaders is the fear of public speaking. Additionally, there is a depth of academic research demonstrating that public speaking anxiety negatively affects achievement and well-being. 


Face Everything And Rise is a workshop that can be tailored to students and professionals that follows a four-step process to eliminate the fear of public speaking. This workshop includes presentation development and coaching to overcome the negative beliefs that keep individuals from presenting their best.

  • Face your fear

    • Set an intention and Determine your topic

  • Examine your fear

    • Challenge your assumptions and Do your research

  • Attack your fear

    • Envision your success and Prepare your talk

  • Rise above the fear

    • Stand/Execute and Deliver

Following The Leader is a coaching organization that helps current and emerging professionals manage work/life stress to increase personal peace and hope by leading themselves and becoming leaders worth following at home and in their careers. They make an impact on those in their sphere of influence by making the shift from being Self Centered and Self Focused (overly self-concerned with meeting one’s own needs, and blaming others for problems) to being Others Centered and Others Focused (concerned with how they can help themselves and others achieve success by taking personal leadership responsibility).

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